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When you register on our website, play any of our games, make a player or customer query, you will be asked for some personal information. This is so because we need that information to be able to identify you from then on. We will be asking for contact information such as your first and last name, address (both home and email), phone number and also your credit card information. You will generally be asked to include your personal information when trying to access a game, receive a promotion, and carry out a financial transaction. However, not all play2win web site areas will require this kind of information. Play2win also collects other type of data like information on the amount of visitors, the place where they are located, how long they surf the site, which banners or links they have followed to reach the site, the kind of games they like playing, etc. This type of data will remain anonymous and will not be associated with any individual person. However, we might gather personal data if you have reached our site through an affiliate so as to be able to produce some kind of compensation for such affiliate.

Whenever you register your personal information on our site, we have the right to send to your computer permanent cookies. These cookies consist in small-sized files that are sent to your pc’s hard drive and they are instrumental in keeping records. These cookies keep track of the advertisements you pressed, which game you’ve played, which links you’ve clicked on that directed you to our site. All this will help us identify you when you visit us the following time. Cookies help us keep a record of your site movements’ history and we’ll be able to offer you tailor-made serviced based on that information. You are not compelled to store cookies sent from our site or any other site, for that matter. However, if you do not accept our cookies, we can refuse access (or just limit it) to our site.

Once you register, your personal date will be used to: (1) create your play2win account, (2) provide you with a play2win account number, (3) give you full access to your play2win bank transactions, (4) give you access to 24/7 customer support, (5) send you data on other related promotions or products you might find of interest. We might share your personal date with our employers or partners or business agents working for us. We will not disclose your personal information with people or entities not working on our behalf, except if we might find it absolutely necessary to fulfill any of your transactions. If we happen to disclose such data with people who do not work for our company, it will be subject to an express agreement on their behalf not to disclose any of your data and treat it as confidential. They will also have to agree to use your information for the only purpose of carrying out their obligations and duties to our company. In the case of having to perform any kind of business reorganization or going bankrupt, we might find it necessary to sell our assets. In that case, your personal information might be also transferred. Our company might need to use your personal data to get in touch with you in case of changes your account may undergo or to check any financial transaction we might need to validate. We reserve the right to disclose your personal data when it might prove necessary to abide by any regulations or applicable laws, or to enforce the Play2win Terms and Conditions.

Once you have registered, you agree that we are entitled to send you different emails, messages or any type of notification (like phone calls, etc) on contests, special promotions, weekly bonuses, surveys, raffles and newsletters. We are likely to attach to any of these messages a traceable URL or any other type of program so as to check the effectiveness of the messages. These mechanisms help us confirm if you have opened the emails we sent you or if you have responded to our notification. You may request to stop these messages at any time, just by sending us a mail reading the word “Remove�? as part of its subject matter. You may also do so by getting in touch with one of our customer service staff.

Under no circumstances will we sell, rent or exploit commercially any of your personal data to a third party. You can always edit and update your personal information by logging into your play2win account.

Privacy Statements may undergo changes. We have the right to modify and change this privacy Statement without any prior notice. Any modification will come into effect as soon as it is posted. From here on, it is your responsibility to review our Privacy Statement to check any modification that could have been made. Please, contact the following address [email protected]. should you have any queries about our Privacy Statement or our information protection practices.

At play2win we take security policies seriously and that’s why we have devised different measures and rules to protect you from any possible illegal access, disclosure of information, unlawful modification, improper use, illicit destruction or any possible accidental loss of information. Every employee and account managers, who can access and process information, are compelled to comply with our privacy policies.

Al play2win, we are truly concerned about protecting minors’ security. Minors are not allowed to register, engage in games, or take part in any kind of play2win activity. If we detect that an account has been unlawfully registered by a minor, the account will be automatically closed and all personal data will be erased from the play2win system. It’s advisable that parents should check the sites children visit and spend time online with them so as to make sure they do not engage in any illegal activity. Please, contact our Customer Support Staff 24/7 should you have any doubts with regards to any of our security policies. Our staff will gladly assist you any time you might need it.